Colorado Health Report Card

Where Health Happens Data Spotlight

The Where Health Happens Data Spotlight explores nontraditional drivers of health including education and child care; financial security and safety; food access; housing; and transportation. It features stories from three Colorado communities facing disparities and taking action to improve the health and well-being of local residents. [Read More]  

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The Colorado Health Foundation, in partnership with the Colorado Health Institute, publishes the Colorado Health Report Card, an annual update examining the current status of health, health care and health coverage in Colorado. The Health Report Card provides a benchmark for measuring progress on some of the state’s most pressing health issues across 38 key health indicators and through five stages of life: Healthy Beginnings , Healthy Children , Healthy Adolescents , Healthy Adults and Healthy Aging .

This year, we celebrate the Health Report Card’s 10th anniversary and unveil 10-year trends on where we’ve made progress and challenges we continue to face. Get a look at the 2016 Colorado Health Report and learn how a decade of data can inform policy solutions to help make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation.

Data Spotlights

Throughout the year, the Foundation will delve more deeply into key indicators and publish Data Spotlights in efforts to better understand pressing health issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Where Health Happens Data Spotlight
    Where Health Happens: Health Begins Where Coloradans Live, Learn, Work and Play examines five social determinants of health. These factors have a great influence over the state’s performance on the health indicators tracked by the Colorado Health Report Card. Data shows how Colorado communities differ on these important factors. It also highlights key policy and program efforts underway across the state and features three communities that are working to improve health at the neighborhood level.

  • Mental Health Data Spotlight 
    Mental Health in Colorado: Working to Close the Disparity Gap delves more deeply into a key indicator in the Health Report Card – mental health. Data are highlighted from several sources to provide a closer look at how Coloradans fare on this vital issue, along with important policy and program efforts underway across the state. 

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A print-friendly version of the 2016 Colorado Health Report Card is available in PDF Icon Transparent English and PDF Icon Transparent Spanish. For print copies, please contact Jaclyn Lensen at 303.953.3631.