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2009 Colorado Health Symposium 

Susan Dentzer
Editor-in-Chief, Health Affairs
Dentzer kicked off the 2009 Symposium with a play-by-play of current federal reform efforts.
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Len Nichols, PhD
Director, Health Policy Program
New America Foundation
Nichols presented on "Insurance Market Competition Under Health Reform: Public Plan and Exchange Options."
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Steffie Woolhandler, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine
Co-Director, General Internal Medicine Fellowship
Harvard Medical School
Woolhandler proposed a single payer system for health care reform.
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Gov. Richard D. Lamm
Co-Director, Institute for Public Policy
University of Denver
Gov. Lamm, an early sentinel on health care costs, kicked off the Friday morning session "Controlling Health Care Costs – Making the Tough Choices."
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Jon M. Kingsdale, PhD 
Executive Director
Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority
Kingsdale presented on "Expanding Coverage & Controlling Costs: Is Massachusetts a National Model?"
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Elizabeth A. McGlynn, PhD, MPP 
Associate Director
RAND Health
McGlynn provided the audience with some real life examples of tough choices in the cost containment debate. 
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Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA 
Director and County Health Officer
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Fielding presented on "Where are the Best Opportunities for Prevention?"
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Julia Graham Lear, PhD
Interim Chair, Department of Prevention and Community Health
School of Public Health and Health Services
George Washington University
Graham Lear presented on "Children’s Health and Children’s Schools A Perfect Match; A Challenging Fit."Presentation files
Presentation files
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James F. Sallis, PhD
Professor of Psychology, San Diego State University
Director, Active Living Research
Sallis presented on "Environment & Policy Solutions for Active Living."
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2008 Dorsey Hughes Symposium

Donald Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP (Bio)
President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Berwick addresses the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's "Triple Aim" initiative to improve the health care system. Triple Aim, which is being implemented at 12 sites nationally, focuses on the experience of the individual, the health of a defined population and the per capita cost for the population. One of the keys to its success, Berwick says, is integration of health care delivery.
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Debbie Chang, MPH (Bio)
Sr. Vice President and Executive Director
Nemours Health & Prevention Services

Chang talks about how the traditional health care model needs to change. We must focus on chronic disease prevention and management instead of the treatment of acute episodic illness; focus on communities instead of individuals; and focus on health instead of disease.
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Denis A. Cortese, MD (Bio)
President and CEO, Mayo Clinic
Cortese talks about how the country lacks leadership at the senior levels and how patients' needs come last, after those of the insurance companies, physicians, drug companies and politicians.
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Celinda Lake (Bio)
President, Lake Research Partners
Lake outlines how a solid majority of Americans favor expanding health care to all Americans, even if it means raising taxes or giving the federal government a major role in the health care system.
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T.R. Reid (Bio)
Author, documentary producer and Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief for The Washington Post
Reid explains the need for prevention in health care and the distinction between medical care and public health: "If you save one life, you save a human being. If you save millions, it's a statistic."
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Uwe E. Reinhardt, PhD (Bio)
James Madison Professor of Political Economy and Professor of Economics
Princeton University

Reinhardt describes the disparities of American social classes and how, in the next decade, well-to-do Americans will have to decide whether to swallow a sizeable tax increase to cover the working poor or "formally embrace rationing health care by income."
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Reginald L. Washington, MD (Bio)
Chief Medical Officer
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Washington explains how before designing policy, you need to understand the depth of the problem. He outlines how trends can be deceiving—deaths from cardiovascular disease have decreased, but we are more obese, more arthritic, more diabetic and more disabled than we have ever been.
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2007 Dorsey Hughes Symposium 

Symposium Summary
Listen to selected outtakes from notable conference speakers such as former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter.
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Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee
Huckabee talks about his efforts to improve his own health and how that personal experience led to focusing his energy on improving health care for his state.
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Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter
During his presentation, Ritter addresses many of the health care challenges facing Colorado and his administration's plans to address them.
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Rev. Hurmon Hamilton, Jr.
Hear Rev. Hamilton discuss his efforts to build a grassroots coalition that successfully advocated for health care reform in Massachusetts and was regarded as one of the highlights of the symposium.
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