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Big Numbers and Small Dignities

How more than 5 years of the Affordable Care Act has transformed Colorado.
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Transforming City Health

Denver Health has not only been a beneficiary but a prime mover and shaker in shaping the ACA for Colorado. How is it working?
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ACA in the Valley

ACA in The Valley
With more paying customers and financial stability from the ACA, how have rural hospitals in the San Luis Valley bolstered patient care? [Read more]


Doctors and the ACA
Patients with new coverage may appreciate reforms, but how do Colorado doctors feel? What else must change? [Read more]

Online Exclusives

Cartoon Corner
Cartoonist Mike Keefe uses his pen to illustrate the theme of this issue of Health Elevations. Video Camera [Watch]

Visual Guide
Watch a father-daughter doctor team in Grand County talk about the ACA’s impact on their practice. Video Camera [Watch]

Walking the Talk
We should never have expected the ACA to be easy, says interim Colorado Health Foundation CEO Rahn Porter. But successes are clear, and the to-do list remains long. [Read more]

Improving the ACA
It's a delicate dance, making good changes to something so controversial. [Read more]

ACA Community Benefit
The ACA brought significant $$ to many hospitals; who is checking whether they are meeting community benefit rules? [Read more]