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From Reform to Norm

Is 2015 the year integrated care can claim true success?
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Integration on the Ground

How truly unified care looks at a southeast Colorado practice.
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Safety Nets
They are leading, not following, for integrated care reforms. [Read more]


Juggling Act
How one large group of physicians toys with every integration model. [Read more]


Golden Goose?
Can a $65 million SIM grant take Colorado to a new level of integration? [Read more]

Online Exclusives

Cartoon Corner
Cartoonist Mike Keefe uses his pen to illustrate the theme of this issue of Health Elevations. Video Camera [Watch]

Visual Guide
Integrating care is not just an abstract debate among policy wonks. Sometimes it's a simple matter of putting mental health counselors chair-to-chair with doctors and nurses, with a dental exam available right nearby. This video walks through the physical layout of fully integrated Colorado providers, and gives visceral lessons on what works. Video Camera [Watch]

Walking the Talk
Advancing integrated care needs a new push from policymakers, says the Colorado Health Foundation interim CEO Rahn Porter. [Read more]

Next-Level Medicaid
With three-quarters of a million Coloradans in case management, Medicaid surveys the land. [Read more]

Private Pay, Public Goals
How Anthem is pushing integration and primary care payment reform. [Read more]

Play Operation Integration
Play Operation Integration and rate your knowledge of advanced health care lingo. [Play Now!]