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Over the years, our structure, mission, name, and most recently in 2014 – the goals and strategies and how we fund and evaluate work within our three outcome areas – have changed to best serve Colorado’s health needs. The Foundation remains committed to its vision to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation by investing in Healthy Living, Health Coverage and Health Care. Following are changes that will be implemented over the coming months: 

Goals and Strategy Refinements
We are in the process of implementing refined goals and strategies within our three outcome areas. Throughout 2014 and 2015, the Foundation will transition from our previous goals and strategies to a refined approach that ensures a future state where our communities promote health and our health care systems deliver excellent, affordable care to Coloradans who both have and desire good health.

Based on research and informed by previous grantmaking and input from community partners, Foundation staff are developing specific program areas for each strategy.

Funding opportunities will be offered within each program area moving forward. A funding opportunity outlines criteria for funding decisions, eligibility and any related deadlines. It is important to note that open funding opportunities will vary by deadline, and information about the status of a funding opportunity will be available on our website in the timeliest manner possible. 

Grantmaking Approach Changes
In an effort to match the grantmaking approach with the outcome sought, we are tailoring our funding approach. To date, the Foundation has predominantly received applications from any Colorado-based nonprofit using general guidelines. Moving forward, applicants will apply for funding through open funding opportunities that outline specific criteria.

How to Apply

The Foundation will continue to use the Feb. 15, June 15 and Oct. 15 deadlines to apply for grant funding, but not all funding opportunities will be open each cycle. Funding opportunities vary in accordance with the program area needs. Read more about the new program areas.

June and October 2014 Deadline Changes  
Renewals: Current grantees who were expecting to apply for renewal funding in 2014 should talk with your assigned program officer before applying. If you have already discussed a renewal with your program officer, begin your application.

New grant requests: Throughout the year, we will open several funding opportunities that align with specific program areas within Healthy Living, Health Coverage and Health Care.

Evaluation Model Changes
Over the years, our evaluation model has evolved. Our evaluation strategies now include a combination of tools and approaches, depending on what is most appropriate for a particular question. The choice of evaluation method is based on what will be most useful for providing us insight into the effectiveness of our work. This expanded model of evaluation is designed to support the Foundation and its partners in reaching our common goals of improving the health of all Coloradans. Read more.

Stay Informed
The Foundation recognizes the value of being informed about these important changes. Here are a few ways to learn more about these changes:

  • If you are a current grantee, talk regularly with your assigned program officer.
  • Subscribe to receive regular emails from the Foundation.
  • Bookmark our website and visit regularly for updates and to stay informed.
  • Watch a recorded informational webinar: Achieving Our Vision: 2014 and Beyond to learn about how the Foundation’s goals, strategies, funding approach and evaluation model are shifting in an effort to achieve the vision of making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation. This webinar is open to any interested attendees, including current grantees and interested applicants.

Archived webinar (Thurs. 5/01/2014)  | PDF icon Presentation slides

If you have any questions, please contact our grants management department at 303.953.3600.

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