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Communication is vital to achieving our goal of making Colorado the healthiest state. We regularly issue news releases of noteworthy events and are happy to share stories written by and about us.

The Colorado Health Foundation also sponsors events such as the annual Colorado Health Symposium, a national policy forum for health experts.

Our events pages include information about events held throughout the state.

Media Contact
Jaclyn Lensen, senior communications officer, 303.953.3631; email 

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  • adequate health coverage: Having insurance that meets the needs of the patient.

  • necessary care: The care which, in the opinion of the treating physician, is reasonably needed to prevent the onset or worsening of an illness, condition, or disability; to establish a diagnosis; to provide palliative, curative, or restorative treatment for physical and/or mental health conditions; and to assist the individual to achieve or maintain maximum functional capacity in performing daily activities, taking into account both the functional capacity of the individual and those functional capacities that are appropriate for individuals of the same age.

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services