2013 Colorado Health Report Card

The Colorado Health Report Card

The Colorado Health Foundation publishes annual updates on the current status of health, health care and health coverage in Colorado using data provided by various sources. The Colorado Health Report Card, which is produced in conjunction with the Colorado Health Institute, provides data on 38 key health indicators, such as prenatal care, access to health care and obesity, in five life stages:

Life Stage
Grade & Avg. Rank

Healthy Beginnings

Healthy Children

Healthy Adolescents

Healthy Adults

Healthy Aging
1 = Best
50 = Worst
Grading Scale
A (1-10) Excellent
B (11-20) Good

C (21-30) Average
D (31-40) Poor

F (41-50) Unacceptable

For the first time, you can view detailed data and information for each of the Report Card’s 38 indicators in downloadable workbooks for each life stage. You can find these workbooks on the Colorado Health Institute’s website as well as within each indicator above.

Colorado’s grades suggest that lessons can be learned from the successes of other states. PDF icon “A Roadmap to Number One,” a supplement to the 2013 Colorado Report Card, highlights indicators that greatly contribute to health – youth physical activity, mental health and health insurance coverage – and profiles innovative, effective policies and programs being implemented by states in these key areas. Providing more detail from last year’s “What if we were No. 1?” feature, the supplement gives examples of states ranking higher in certain indicators and shares best practices.


You can also go “Behind the Numbers” to explore one important indicator for each life stage by looking at trends over time, disparities and economic impacts as well as summaries of a grantee working in the area:


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