Colorado Health Report Card

Healthiest Colorado: Our Community, Our Story

To begin to understand a community’s unique story, the Foundation, in partnership with the Colorado Health Institute, has created a series of county-level Data Spotlights to be released throughout the #HealthiestCO Statewide Listening Tour. These Spotlights examine non-traditional drivers of health, such as transportation access and jobs, in communities across the state. [Read More]  

2015 Colorado Health Report Card - Cover 150
The Colorado Health Foundation publishes annual updates on the current status of health, health care and health coverage in Colorado using data provided by various sources. The Colorado Health Report Card, which is produced in conjunction with the Colorado Health Institute, provides data on 38 key health indicators, such as prenatal care, access to health care and obesity, in five life stages. Our goal is for the Health Report Card to support efforts to make Colorado the healthiest state, providing evidence that shows where we are making progress as well as where are we are falling behind.

  • The 2015 Colorado Health Report Card — the ninth annual health report card presented by the Colorado Health Foundation — shows improvement in a number of areas. But it also reveals significant disparities in health depending on race, ethnicity and income. View Report Card »

Data Spotlights

Throughout the year, the Foundation will delve more deeply into key indicators and publish Data Spotlights in efforts to better understand pressing health issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

For print copies of the 2015 Colorado Health Report Card, please contact Jaclyn Lensen, or 303.953.3631.

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