Colorado KaleidosCOpe Storytelling Campaign

What is the Colorado KaleidosCOpe?
Everyone loves a good story that informs, inspires and engages. With that simple truth in mind, the Colorado Health Foundation launched Colorado Kaleidoscope: Stories of a State's Health. This online storytelling project is designed to shine a bright light on the work of our grantee partners and the people they serve.

The Colorado Kaleidoscope website features powerful videos and written narratives that show how grantees are working to improve health and health care throughout Colorado.

Why storytelling?
Beyond their entertainment value, we know that stories are perhaps our most powerful teaching and engagement tool. The statistics behind health care reform, health information technology and health insurance exchanges are important, but they can't tell a story. We intend to put faces on the numbers, so we're telling the stories of the people who directly benefit from our grantee organizations. And that's the impetus for launching this exciting storytelling initiative here at the Foundation.

Grantees: Share your stories
We know there are many compelling health stories from people impacted by our grantee partners, so we're asking current grantees to submit content for the project. Submissions can be provided through video or written narratives with optional photography. We'll post the best stories on the Colorado Kaleidoscope website and award each published piece with an unrestricted donation of $5,000 per video and $1,000 per written narrative with optional photography.

As this exciting campaign takes shape, we'll keep you informed of our progress. Most importantly, we'll share the best of Colorado storytelling with you.

Contact Samantha Travelstead, communications assistant, by email.