Studies and Reports

The Colorado Health Foundation publishes reports and studies that pertain to one or more of its focus areas: Healthy Living, Health Care and Health Coverage. Some of the reports are produced in coordination with other organizations.

Reports available for download:

PDF icon Health Policy and Advocacy in Colorado In 2014
Publication date:
December 2014
The Colorado Health Foundation kicked off a Consumer Advocacy Funding Opportunity in 2014, designed to ensure public policy adequately addresses consumers’ needs for a health insurance system that is stable, affordable, and adequate.

As part of this strategy, advocates convened to discuss the current health policy environment, the viability of specific policy targets, and what supports advocates will need to be effective in the coming year. This brief shares the outcomes of that meeting, including the status of health reform implementation; Colorado’s current health policy environment; the viability of specific policy targets in this environment; advocacy strategies and tactics likely to be effective in this environment; and supports that may help advocates to be successful in 2015.

PDF icon Culture of Coverage: Audience Research and Message Testing Among Uninsured Coloradans
Publication date:
September 2014
A cross-sector partnership commissioned this research effort, conducted by Global Strategy Group and Hilltop Public Solutions. The report identifies the messages and communications channels that are most effective for targeted Colorado populations. These include Coloradans eligible for Medicaid and for tax credits through Connect for Health Colorado, as well as young and healthy individuals who may not be eligible for either but who play an important role in ensuring that the health insurance marketplace is balanced and affordable for all.

Culture of Coverage Sept. 2014 - Cover Thumb

Barriers to Enrollment in Health Coverage in Colorado
Publication date:
September 2014
This study, commissioned by the Foundation and conducted by RAND Corporation, examines reasons why uninsured Coloradans eligible for Medicaid and/or tax credits through Connect for Health Colorado are not enrolled in health care coverage. RAND conducted focus groups with uninsured and newly insured individuals across the state and interviews with local stakeholders responsible for enrollment efforts in their regions. This report provides an overview of these findings, highlighting those that were consistent across the state and those that were unique to a given region or population, and offers recommendations to strengthen enrollment efforts.

PDF icon School-Based Health Care Initiative 2012-13 Evaluation Report
Publication date:
November 2013
This report outlines the evaluation of the School Based Health Center initiative in efforts to determine if the initiative was effective in moving its grantees toward self-sustainability.
  SBHC 2012-13 Evaluation Report Thumbnail


PDF icon School-Based Health Care Initiative: Evaluation Case Studies
Publication date:
October 2013
This report outlines two case studies on how to generate patient revenue from billing and financial services for the uninsured in school-based health centers.
  SBHC Evaluation Case Studies Thumbnail


PDF icon Long-Term Care Insurance: An Overview
Publication date:
September 2013
This brief shares information about the long-term care insurance marketplace.
  Long-Term Care Insurance: An Overview Thumbnail


PDF icon Long-Term Care Insurance: Barriers to Purchase and Opportunities for Growth
Publication date:
September 2013
This brief provides a description of the challenges faced by the long-term care insurance market, the cost of long-term services and supports nationally and how they compare to the same costs for people needing such care in Colorado.
  Long-Term Care Insurance: Barriers to Purchase and Opportunities for Growth Thumbnail


PDF icon 2014 Colorado's New Health Coverage Options
Publication date:
Fall, 2013
721,000 Colorado adults may benefit from new opportunities to access affordable health insurance in January.
  2014 Health Coverage Options Thumbnail


PDF icon School-Based Health Care Initiative: A Mid-Term Evaluation Report
Publication date:
Winter, 2013
This report outlines mid-term findings from the Foundation's School-Based Health Care initiative, focusing on evaluation methods and grantee feedback. A final evaluation report will be completed in 2014.
  SBHC Evaluation Report Thumbnail


"Medicaid Expansion: Examining the Impact on Colorado's Economy"
Publication date:
Winter, 2013
Prepared by Charles Brown, a policy and economics analyst, this executive summary highlights how Medicaid expansions would impact Colorado's economy.
  Medicaid Expansion Thumbnail


PDF icon Insights: The 2012 Colorado Health Symposium
Publication date:
Summer, 2012
Subtitled "Health Equity: Bridging the Divides," this 16-page document captures the best moments from the 2012 Colorado Health Symposium. The report includes provocative quotes and compelling data from the Symposium's keynote speakers.
  2012 Colorado Health Symposium Insights cover thumbnail


PDF icon Prevention: Strong Investments in Colorado's Health
Publication date:
Spring, 2012
Investing in evidence-based public health programs could substantially reduce health costs in Colorado, according to this supplement to the 2011 Colorado Health Report Card. The Report Card itself is available online or through a  PDF Icon Transparent downloadable PDF.
  Prevention: Strong Investments in Colorado's Health Thumbnail


PDF icon Summary Report: The Colorado Blueprint for Promoting Integrated Care Sustainability
Publication date:
Winter, 2012
This summary highlights the recommendations from the Promoting Integrated Care Sustainability project for moving integrated care to the mainstream of Colorado's health care system. For more details, download the  PDF Icon Transparent complete 35-page report.
  Promoting Integrated Care Sustainability Summary Report Thumbnail


PDF icon The Status of Behavioral Health Care in Colorado: 2011 Highlights
Publication date:
Fall, 2011
Key findings from Advancing Colorado's Mental Health Care's 2011 report are highlighted in this 12-page summary. The report provides a comprehensive assessment and critical analysis of the state's public and private mental health and substance abuse disorders systems. For more details, download PDF icon ACMHC's complete 228-page report and the PDF icon final grantee report.
  The Status of Behavioral Health Care in Colorado Thumbnail


PDF icon Healthy Food For All: Encouraging Grocery Investment in Colorado
Publication date:
Fall, 2011
This report outlines policy recommendations to improve access to affordable, healthy food and stimulate economic development in Denver and throughout Colorado. It is authored by the Denver Food Access Task Force, a partnership of leaders from the retail food industry, state and local government, public health, economic and community development sectors, and nonprofit foundations.
  Healthy Food For All - Denver Food Access Report Cover


PDF icon Healthy Connections in Colorado: A Primer for HIT Success
Publication date:
Fall, 2011
In 2007, the Foundation launched its Healthy Connections initiative, designed to accelerate the adoption of health information technology (HIT) systems throughout Colorado. Results from the four-year initiative are detailed in this report.
  Healthy Connections in Colorado Thumbnail


PDF icon Insights: 2011 Colorado Health Symposium
Publication date:
Fall, 2011
A summary of the 2011 Colorado Health Symposium, this report explores some promising solutions that could make a difference in the nation's health.
  2011 Colorado Health Symposium Insights cover thumbnail


PDF icon Health at a Crossroads
Publication date: Winter, 2011
This supplement to the 2010 Colorado Health Report Card details how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will likely impact the Report Card's indicators.
  Health at a Crossroads Thumbnail


PDF icon Insights: 2010 Colorado Health Symposium
Publication date: Fall, 2010
Featuring insights, quotable quotes and observations from plenary and keynote speakers from the 2010 Colorado Health Symposium, this white paper explores the challenge of improving quality while controlling costs in health care.
  2010 Colorado Health Symposium Insights cover thumbnail


PDF icon  HITECH Revisited
Publication date: Summer, 2010
In 2009, Congress earmarked $19 billion to help health care providers upgrade their technology. Authored by Manatt Health Solutions, this report looks at how those dollars are impacting the health care system.
  HITECH Revisited Report Cover


PDF icon  Special Report: The Need for More Supermarkets in Colorado
Publication date: Winter, 2009
Produced by The Food Trust in conjunction with the University of Colorado, this report demonstrates how the uneven distribution of food in Colorado disproportionately affects large numbers of low-income people.
  Food Trust Report


PDF icon  The Future of Colorado Health Care
Publication date: Fall, 2009
Compiled by the New America Foundation in collaboration with University of Denver's Center for Colorado's Economic Future, this report provides a statistical glimpse of how health care reform would impact Colorado's economy.
  The Future of Colorado Health Care Thumbnail


PDF icon  Food Access in Colorado
Publication date: Fall, 2009
Increasing access to healthy, fresh and affordable food in low-income, food desert communities will help reduce the rate of chronic disease found among their residents, according to this report.
  Food Access in Colorado Thumbnail


PDF icon  Connecting HIT Building Blocks
Publication date: Summer, 2009
How should Colorado target and use stimulus dollars intended to upgrade its health information technology? This report provides some recommendations.
  Connecting HIT Building Blocks Thumbnail


PDF icon  Health Insurance Benefit Adequacy
Publication date: Spring, 2009
Written by Barbara Yondorf of Yondorf & Associates, focuses on Colorado's growing underinsured population and describes benefit design elements that can help ensure adequate coverage.
  Health Insurance Benefit Adequacy Thumbnail


PDF icon  School-Based Health Centers: Gateway to Healthier Children
Publication date: Spring, 2009
This briefing shows how school-based health centers can reduce the number of teens who suffer from costly health problems, help teens manage chronic conditions and positively influence academic performance.
  School-Based Health Centers Thumbnail


PDF icon  Increasing Enrollment in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus
Publication date: Spring, 2009
With a growing number of Coloradans eligible but not enrolled in public programs, this report describes some success approaches for improving enrollment and outreach.
  Increasing Enrollment in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus Thumbnail


PDF icon  Healthy Schools: Key to a Healthier Colorado
Publication date: Winter, 2009
How can schools can cure many of the ills plaguing Colorado's children and teens while ensuring a healthier future for the state? This report provides some answers.
  Healthy Schools Report thumbnail


PDF icon  Health Information Technology in Colorado
Publication date: Fall, 2008
A follow-up to a previous white paper, " Health Information Technology: A Strategy for Creating a Healthier Colorado," this report focuses on the progress being made on HIT in the state.
  HIT White Paper icon


PDF icon  Income, Education and Obesity: A Closer Look at Inequities in Colorado's Obesity Problem
Publication date: Fall, 2008
A supplement to the Colorado Health Report Card, this special report examines the growing problem of obesity and the strong connection between obesity and socioeconomic factors.
   Income, Education and Obesity Thumbnail


PDF icon  Obesity: What the Research Shows
Publication date: Fall, 2008
The supplement for the Colorado Health Report Card shows how factors like socioeconomic status fit into the equation of the national obesity epidemic.
  Obesity: What the Research Shows Thumbnail


PDF icon  Health Information Technology: A Strategy for Creating a Healthier Colorado  
Publication date: Winter, 2007
An examination into the role health information technology can play on delivering quality, affordable health care to low-income, uninsured populations.
   Health Information Technology Thumbnail