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What We Do

The Colorado Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization that engages through grantmaking, public policy and advocacy, private sector engagement, strategic communications, evaluation for learning and assessment and by operating primary care residency training programs. Our partners include nonprofits, health care leaders, policy makers, educators and the private sector.  

Making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation is our vision — one that requires dedication and hard work with partners across Colorado. To achieve our vision we focus on three community outcome areas: Healthy Living, Health Coverage and Health Care to ensure a future state where our communities promote health and our health care systems deliver excellent, affordable care to Coloradans who both have and desire good health.

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How We Work
We use our core tools as a foundation to meet our mission, including:

  • Grantmaking: We provide support to organizations whose work is aligned with our goals and strategies. Read more.
  • Evaluation: As stewards of public assets, we believe in measuring the effectiveness of our work. Learn more.
  • Public policy: Working with our partners, we strive to influence health policy in support of our priorities by developing informed and engaged leaders, convening stakeholders to further a common agenda, conducting objective research and analysis and supporting advocacy organizations. Read more.
  • Program-related investments: Through our program-related investment strategies, we invest in resources and create partnerships across both the public and private sectors that aim to improve the health of Coloradans. Learn more.
  • Communications: Communication is vital to achieving our goal of making Colorado the healthiest state. Through publications, events, digital and traditional media and storytelling, we engage the community and share the work of our grantees. Join our mailing list for more information.
  • Primary care residency training programs help to ensure that Coloradans achieve health through comprehensive, person-centered care. Learn more.

While making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation is a lofty goal, we remain steadfast. But we can’t do it alone. Will you join us on this journey?

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