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What We Fund

To guide us in achieving our vision, we have organized our work into three community outcome areas: Healthy Living, Health Coverage and Health Care

  • In Healthy Living, our focus is to ensure every kid in Colorado has the opportunity to eat healthy and engage in physical activity.
  • In Health Coverage, our focus is to ensure all Coloradans achieve stable, affordable and adequate health coverage.
  • In Health Care, our focus is to ensure all Coloradans achieve health with support from a network of primary health care and community services.

Within the three community outcome areas, we have eight strategies that guide the specifics of our work. 

The Foundation will also be expanding our work in the early childhood arena and is soliciting invite-only funding for our Healthy Beginnings work. 

What We Fund through Grantmaking
Our funding focuses on populations whose health needs are not being met due to income, age, race, ethnicity, geography or other barriers.

We evaluate grant applications that fit within or across our three outcome areas of Healthy Living, Health Coverage and Health Care, and align with our strategies.

Each funding opportunity or program offers criteria about eligibility and applicant deadlines.

Typically we consider grants for project, general operating support and capacity building. On occasion, we also consider requests for capital funding if the proposed efforts have a demonstrable link to our community outcomes and strategies. In each case, funding opportunity or program criteria guide specifically what will be funded and in general we define these areas as follows:

    • Project: specific sets of activities carried out over a defined period of time.
    • General operating support: support for an organization's day-to-day expenses to enable it to carry out its mission.
    • Capacity building: strengthening an organization by enhancing financing, governance, planning and other business capabilities.
    • Capital: improving an organization's facilities or infrastructure.

    What We Don't Fund through Grantmaking
    The Foundation does not award grants to organizations that willfully discriminate against a particular class of individuals. To be eligible for funding organizations must abide by all applicable local, state, and federal anti-discrimination laws in hiring, employment practices and when providing services.

    Generally, the Foundation does not make grants to or for the following:

    • Individuals
    • Programs that require membership in a certain religion or advance a particular religious faith (faith-based organizations may be eligible for funding if they welcome and serve all members of the community regardless of religious faith, and provided that they do not require participation in activities that are specifically religious)
    • For-profit organizations or programs operated by, or for the benefit of, for-profit organizations
    • Debt retirement
    • Fundraising events
    • Endowments

    If you have any questions, please contact our grants management department at 303.953.3600.