Capital Infrastructure – Comprehensive Primary Care

Funding Overview

This funding opportunity will support capital infrastructure projects that aim to increase access to comprehensive primary care services in rural and low-income communities throughout Colorado.

Proposed projects must reflect the Foundation’s cornerstones. These outline who we serve, how our work is informed and our intent to create health equity.

Please Note: The Colorado Health Foundation transitioned to a new grants management system, called Fluxx, in spring 2018. All users, both former and new applicants, will need to create a new account when accessing the system for the first time.

Focus Area
Maintain Healthy Bodies
Grant Deadlines

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To be considered for funding, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated community need
  • Focus on team-based/integrated care
  • Satisfactory past financial and operational performance
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Primary care projects funded by grants and/or loans* must be for one or more of the following purposes:
  • Increase the number of people receiving quality primary care services, with preference for integrated physical, behavioral and/or oral health services
  • Improve the quality of primary care delivered through redesigned spaces for better team-based care or improved health information technology systems

Colorado organizations providing primary care services may apply for funds to support the following projects:

  • Facility acquisition, construction, renovation or expansion
  • Medical and office equipment purchases
  • Hardware, software, installation and technical assistance costs associated with health information technology systems
  • Operating expenses associated with physical or information technology expansions/improvements
  • Loans only – Working capital for expenses associated with new or expanded services

*For-profit clinics will also be eligible to apply for the primary care funding, provided they meet the above criteria and can also demonstrate an active caseload of at least 40 percent of Medicaid clients with a low profit margin.

Preference will be given to organizations with projects that: Demonstrate an increased number of people will receive high-quality primary care services – with a preference for integrated physical, behavioral and/or oral health – through redesigned spaces that enhance team-based care or improved health information technology systems.

Measurable Reach

Applicants will be asked to indicate how their work will increase the number of people accessing comprehensive primary care services within one year at the end of the capital enhancement.

We often partner with third-party evaluators, contractors and other organizations over the course of our work with applicants and grantees. Your application and its attachments may be shared with these individuals or entities during the review process and grant cycle. All third-party organizations partnering with the Foundation have signed a confidentiality agreement and will not use or share the information for purposes outside of the scope of work specific to the grant application or grant award. If you have any concerns or would like additional information, please email or call our senior director of Grantmaking Operations at 303-953-3600.