Funding Opportunity: Community Approach to Outreach and Enrollment

Funding Overview

This funding opportunity was designed to support a community approach to outreach and enrollment by helping communities strengthen and enhance their local partnerships and networks to support outreach and enrollment. The ultimate goal is to maximize the number of individuals who are enrolled in health coverage across the state. 

The Foundation launched this work in 2014 as a three-year effort, awarding 10 community collaborations working to implement coordinated outreach and enrollment efforts. These communities also receive technical assistance in the form of rapid-cycle evaluation as well as participation in a learning collaborative to enhance their efforts.

Grant Deadline: Not accepting applications. This work is in progress.

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Associated Measurable Results: Applicants have been asked to indicate how their work will numerically:

  • Increase the number of Coloradans with health insurance coverage.

Additional Evaluation Activities: As part of this funding opportunity, grantees have been asked to engage in an evaluation study conducted by an external evaluator. The design and scope of the evaluation was determined early in the funding opportunity, in collaboration with our grantee partners. The evaluation required grantees to collect specific quantitative and/or qualitative data about their activities, to participate in data collection with the evaluator (e.g., interviews, surveys), and to participate in learning discussions about the findings. 

To be considered for funding, applicants with existing grants under this funding opportunity were required to demonstrate within the grant application that they meet the following criteria:

Preference was given to applicant communities that most thoroughly address the following:

  • Demonstrate readiness for collaboration and a commitment to enhance local collaborations;
  • Demonstrate significant percentages and/or numbers of eligible but not enrolled individuals in Medicaid or CHP+, or individuals qualified for a tax credit for private insurance;
  • Demonstrate ability to collect and utilize local and state data to identify target population(s) and measure and track progress, and willingness to participate in on-going learning and evaluation activities;
  • Utilize proven consumer-focused outreach and enrollment strategies and exemplify the “no wrong door” approach;
  • Identify strategies that maximize the use of technology for enrollment of consumers;
  • Focus on a defined geographic area; and
  • Include organizations currently engaged in outreach and enrollment efforts within the community.

Successful applicants demonstrated existing or planned collaborations with the following partners:

  • County or counties (required)
  • School district(s) (required) 
  • Key providers of care to underserved and/or low-income populations, such as hospitals and safety net clinics (required) 
  • Connect for Health Colorado Health Assistance network partners (required)
  • Family resource centers, faith-based organizations, or other social service community organizations (where applicable)
  • Local health alliance network (where applicable)
  • Other Medical Assistance, Presumptive Eligibility, or Certified Application Assistance sites (where applicable)