Kaye Kavanagh

Learning & Evaluation Officer

Kaye has worked in evaluation and research for 20 years, with six of those years at the Foundation. As an undergrad, she fell in love with sociology and became fascinated with the idea of impacting social change. Always adept at math and statistics, Kaye has a background in quantitative research, but she has grown to love the more qualitative aspects of her job and always remembers the ultimate beneficiaries of her work: Coloradans and their communities.

Kaye believes that good health is a right that should be available to all. In her role at the Foundation, she works to define what success looks like for our work and the necessary steps to get there.

To maintain and improve her own health, Kaye takes time to recharge with quiet self-reflection. That’s just what’s needed to balance out the noisier times playing video games or shooting hoops with her two sons and her husband. Kaye relishes the summer season in Colorado — enjoying our sunny skies, taking in a concert at Red Rocks, walking and biking around town, reading a good book and gardening. Kaye also finds it to be very rewarding to volunteer within her own community.


BS Sociology — North Dakota State University

Master of Social Science — North Dakota State University

“Good health is a right, not a privilege.”
Kaye Boeke