Prioritize Needs that Drive Portal Deployment

Organize a patient portal deployment launch or re-launch around which functions are most valuable to your patients and your organization. Patient-driven features, such as secure messaging and the ability to see test results, drive enrollment and usage. Clinic-driven features, such as Meaningful Use or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition, support staff and provider buy-in.

Develop a Work Plan

Portal deployment is complex and involves multiple departments within a clinic. Project goals may have an impact on other projects, such as PCMH. A work plan facilitates cross-departmental coordination to achieve all key project outcomes. Promote accountability by tracking work plan action items and measuring results.

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Stage Portal Deployment

Roll out portal features and functions in phases to keep project resources from being overburdened. Focus early stages on patient enrollment and deploying core portal functionality. Define phases to ensure adequate time and resources are available to achieve all the objectives in a given phase.

Use a Soft Launch to do Small-Scale Testing

Many portal/electronic medical record (EHR) vendors cannot turn on new features and functions in a test environment, but can implement a soft launch, in which a specific provider or small group of patients can use a feature before it is available to all.

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