Understand the Impact of Portal Software Capabilities on Enrollment Strategy

Portal software systems can have very different requirements for enrolling a patient, necessitating different enrollment workflows. Some portal systems require a working email account to enroll, which can be a challenge for many patients. Collaborate with your staff to develop protocols and workarounds for issues that could keep a patient from enrolling.

Develop Enrollment Strategies for Patient Populations

Different patients may face different barriers to portal enrollment. Your clinic will want to develop outreach and enrollment strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of different populations receiving care at your clinic.

Deploy Staff in the Waiting Room to Help Enroll Patients

One very effective way to overcome barriers to enrollment is to have a staff member in the waiting room equipped with a laptop or tablet to enroll patients and familiarize them with the portal before their appointment. Consider using a bilingual staff member if many patients have language barriers.

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Support Patient Access to the Portal

While not all patients have a computer with internet access, most will have a smartphone. Conduct a short patient technology survey to provide insights into how patients can access your portal. Ensure that your portal system has been configured to work with smartphones. You can also provide access to the portal through a waiting room kiosk.

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  • Patient Technology Survey -¬†An example of a survey of patients¬†to understand the impact of technology on their ability to utilize the portal.

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