Assume Leadership’s Core Role

Clinic executives can provide leadership by providing strategic direction for a patient portal implementation project, including establishing the portal project as a priority. To ensure the project has the necessary resources, consider hiring or assigning a project manager to oversee the portal team. Executive leaders can further develop a clear and compelling message to support portal implementation and champion the effort with staff and providers.

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Provide Project Oversight

Effective executive oversight includes monitoring project timelines and metrics to keep the project on track and establishing regular and open communication with the project manager and portal team to address any barriers to implementation.

Define Meaningful Metrics

Executive leaders work with the project manager to develop a set of metrics to track the progress of the portal project. Such metrics may include numbers of enrolled patients, patients who have used the portal, messages sent, secure messages sent, secure messages received, lab/diagnostic reports sent, lab/diagnostic reports viewed, appointments made/requested and appointments canceled.

Overcome Challenges

Even the best-run patient portal projects will encounter challenges. Effective clinic executives take action to identify and address any barriers to success.

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