Formalize Portal Roles and Job Descriptions

Portal implementation and operation has a significant impact on a clinic, requiring modifications to clinic workflow and protocols for accessing protected health information. Leadership can influence portal implementation and promote accountability by capturing portal-related job and role descriptions in writing.

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Support Both Staff and Patient Users

Develop plans for providing support to both staff and patients in their use of the portal. Use lists of frequently asked questions, short clinic-made videos and other methods of support that users can access 24/7.

Document Workflows that Change with Portal Deployment

Many portal modules require complex workflows that can touch multiple departments. Documented workflows help to keep staff aligned and responsibilities clear.

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Continue Staff Training Beyond the Launch Period

Refresher trainings will help staff become adept portal users. Particularly when the system is new, and staff members are not yet responding to many patient requests through the portal, operations can be strengthened by regular refresher trainings.

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