We make program-related investments (PRIs) that show promise and create partnerships that strive to achieve health equity and bring health in reach for all Coloradans.

The Foundation's PRIs are offered to nonprofits or private sector companies to support charitable or mission-related activities with financial returns that are below market.

PRIs are best used to provide capital for organizations that have a business or revenue model to finance, sustain and grow their initiatives. PRIs can help organizations attract new financing from other investors or build a credit record to qualify for commercial financing. 

PRIs include financing structures commonly associated with banks or other private investors, such as loans, loan guarantees, linked deposits, social impact bonds, subordinated notes, recoverable grants and even equity investments in charitable organizations or in commercial ventures for charitable purposes. Because PRI funding is eventually returned to the Foundation, the funds will be used again for new impactful opportunities.

Current PRIs

  • Accion – A nonprofit lending network, Accion helps entrepreneurs generate income, build assets, create jobs and achieve financial success through business ownership. A $1.75 million investment by the Foundation will scale the organization’s Colorado-based lending activities, with a focus on promoting economic opportunity and improving health outcomes in rural communities and among entrepreneurs of color and/or those with low-to-moderate income. Read more.

  • Castle Rock Pediatrics – Castle Rock Pediatrics is a patient-centered medical home that provides care to patients from a wide variety of socioeconomic populations, from birth to young adulthood. A Foundation investment of $100,000 will support the clinic to improve its training and capacity building around a team-based model of care.

  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless – The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless works to prevent homelessness and create lasting solutions for families, children and individuals experiencing, or at-risk of experiencing, homelessness. A Foundation investment of $2 million will expand the Supportive Housing Development Fund to help the Coalition achieve its strategic goal of creating 500 new units of housing over the next five years. 

  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority’s Healthy Housing Fund – Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) invests in affordable housing and community development. A $7 million investment by the Foundation into CHFA’s Healthy Housing Fund will help to finance healthy living features incorporated into affordable multi-family properties in Colorado. Read more.

  • Colorado Regional Health Information Organization – Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) manages one of the country’s largest health information exchange (HIE) networks. HIE systems allow health care providers and patients to electronically access and securely share patients’ vital medical information. An investment of $1.5 million by the Foundation will accelerate the expansion of health information exchange connections, increase the adoption of HIE services in rural areas and develop a patient engagement strategy to facilitate consumer access to health information. In the end, this investment will lead to 800,000 additional patients being included in CORHIO’s HIE.

  • Denver Health – Denver Health is an integrated health care system that serves as one of Colorado’s primary safety net institutions. The Foundation's capital investment of $1.5 million will support construction of a new Denver Health primary care clinic in southwest Denver. As a result of this program-related investment, 23,000 additional safety net patients will be served through person-centered care.

  • Denver Social Impact Bond – A Foundation investment of $1 million will support the City of Denver’s Social Impact Bond (SIB) initiative to fund supportive housing for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness together with mental health and substance abuse challenges. The SIB initiative hopes to lessen the instances of costly and ineffective interactions between individuals and the police, jail, detox and emergency care systems. At least 250 people will be served by the initiative over five years using a Housing First approach and a modified Assertive Community Treatment model of intensive case management. Read more.

  • Metro Community Provider Network – Metro Provider Community Network (MCPN) is a system of Federally Qualified Health Center medical providers with 20 locations serving low-income, uninsured and underserved populations residing outside the city and county of Denver. A Foundation investment of $700,000 will provide assistance and resources to community health centers (CHCs) to strengthen the existing CHC workforce and to build a competent and committed future CHC workforce.

  • Mind Springs Health – Mind Springs Health operates 13 behavioral health facilities in Western Colorado, including West Springs Hospital, the only psychiatric hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City. A capital investment of $4.25 million will support the construction of a new West Springs Hospital facility in Grand Junction. This new project will double the number of bed spaces dedicated to acute psychiatric inpatient treatment and provide respite home/step down services for patients to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

  • Recoverable Grants – In summer 2017, the Foundation approved $3.5 million in recoverable grants to be provided to seven Colorado nonprofits. These funds served as a bridge for Medicaid payment delays that various safety net providers were experiencing due to a change to the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance billing system. This investment allowed providers to continue to meet their ongoing obligations to staff, patients and vendors without reliance on costly borrowing from lenders or depleting their cash reserves.

  • Urban Land Conservancy – The Urban Land Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that invests in real estate for the long-term benefit of Colorado communities. A $2 million Foundation investment in the Denver Metro Impact Facility will help to create more attainable housing options for vulnerable residents and affordable office space for community-based organizations in low-income communities. Read more.

  • Value Care Health Clinic – Value Care Health Clinic is a primary care clinic in Colorado Springs. A $150,000 investment by the Foundation will support the implementation of a work plan to train staff in team-based care.

For more information, please email Ben L. Bynum, M.D., portfolio director of program related investments.

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