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Daniel Gottlieb and Ismael Guerrero Join the Colorado Health Foundation’s Board of Directors

DENVER, CO – The Colorado Health Foundation recently named Daniel Gottlieb and Ismael Guerrero as its newest members of the Board of Directors

Daniel Gottlieb has served as the Director of Investments for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe since 2016. As an employee working on behalf of the Tribe’s endowment capital, Gottlieb is responsible for oversight of all aspects of portfolio management, including the creation of new governance and oversight policies, asset allocation, manager selection and investment education for Tribal Council and Investment Committee.

Previously, Gottlieb spent 10 years in the alternative investment industry, and also spent eight years as an employee and consultant to nonprofit organizations. As a professional who has worked for and with a wide range of private, nonprofit and government entities, he believes that the best social outcomes are achieved by bringing people together from all backgrounds. 

“I am pleased to serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the many opportunities that come with it,” said Daniel Gottlieb. “Through this esteemed position, I am most excited to bring the perspectives of those living in the Four Corners to bear, which will ultimately help the Foundation to better serve them.” 

Ismael Guerrero has served as Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (DHA) since June 2007. DHA is the largest housing authority in the Rocky Mountain region. Collectively, DHA serves over 25,000 residents with over 5,330 affordable housing units within the portfolio and administers over 6,900 Housing Choice Vouchers. DHA has strong focus and foundation in personal empowerment and self-sufficiency initiatives.

Guerrero has over 25 years of experience in affordable housing, community development and real estate finance. He’s passionate about community transformation, growth and development that enhances the lives and well-being of the people, and has helped shape that vision on a larger scale in Denver, through innovative changes, development and community programs at DHA.

“It’s truly an honor to join the Foundation’s Board of Directors,” said Ismael Guerrero. “As an active and dedicated Board member, I plan to bring creative and innovative strategies to the table that will help ensure all Coloradans have what they need to be healthy.” 

“The Foundation’s Board of Directors play a pivotal role in our fight for health and health equity across Colorado,” said President and CEO Karen McNeil-Miller. “We are pleased to welcome Daniel and Ismael to our Board. Their commitment to Coloradans as well as their expertise and on-the-ground experience will help to strengthen and advance the work we do for those we exist to serve.” 

The Foundation would like to thank the two dedicated Board members whose terms ended last year: Jerome Davis, regional vice president of Xcel Energy, and Sara Stratton, retired vice president of Qwest Pension Fund.

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