Policy & Advocacy

In order to help all Coloradans live their healthiest lives, we work closely with partners across the state to advance our critical policy and advocacy goals which align with the Foundation's focus areas

Our team identifies annual priorities and works alongside others to develop informed and engaged leaders, convene stakeholders to further a common agenda, conduct objective research and analysis and support advocacy organizations.

2017 Policy Priorities

  • Sustain and continue progress on increasing Coloradans’ access to affordable physical and behavioral health services
  • Advocate for policies that ensure health insurance coverage provides adequate access to physical and behavioral health (including substance abuse) services
  • Advocate for improvements to food assistance programs to better serve Coloradans experiencing hunger and food insecurity
  • Advocate for local and state policies that provide greater supports in K-12 schools for students’ physical and behavioral health
  • Evaluate the potential impact of Colorado’s increasing minimum wage on working families, employers and businesses and on public programs that provide health coverage, child care assistance, food assistance and other supports for the working poor

Watching and Listening in 2017

There is potential for policy changes in 2017 that could substantially impact the health of Coloradans. The Foundation regularly monitors local, state and federal developments for both opportunities and threats to the health of Coloradans. In 2017 we will closely monitor actions related to or that address:

  • Implementation and enforcement of civil rights protections in health care, schools, housing, criminal justice and other settings
  • Opiates, prescription drug abuse and other substance abuse issues
  • Family and medical leave policies
  • Accessibility, affordability and quality of child care for low-income families

Advocating for Impact Workshop Series

Advocacy is the act or process of influencing public policy. To help nonprofit organizations understand their opportunities to engage in various types of advocacy efforts and to have the tools to do so effectively, the Foundation is hosting a series of workshops that share insights into advocacy tactics that influence policy made across the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government.

View our upcoming Advocacy Workshops here.


The Foundation provides reliable, balanced information on a variety of topics to aid in public policy and advocacy efforts across the state. These educational efforts often take the form of briefs, regulatory comment letters, webinars and in-person convenings.

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