Develop a Patient Portal Marketing Plan

A marketing plan can be a critical tool to guide you from initial launch to maturity.

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Use Open Source Tools to Develop Marketing Materials Easily

Instead of developing marketing materials from scratch, consider using designs that are available free for you to customize. Many patient portal marketing materials are available in English and Spanish.

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Develop Marketing Materials that Speak to Your Patient Populations

Create marketing materials that speak to your clinic’s population and your organization’s culture. Select the features of your portal that are especially popular and develop marketing around those features. Time-saving features are ideal candidates for a marketing push.

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Marketing at Draw Stations is a Proven Strategy for Success

For clinics that offer their patients access to lab results through their portal account, marketing at draw stations has proven a very successful technique. A poster announcing that lab results are available more quickly through a portal account is a powerful tool to encourage both portal enrollment and use.